Get Uncomfortable

The way we see it,comfortISHISTORICAL.It’s what’s Familiar. It’s theASSUMPTIONthat what worked yesterdayWill WO R KFor you today andIn The FUTUREbutthat’s not always the case.

At ELL, our ideology centers around getting uncomfortable with our creative process. We lay our knowledge base and expertise as a foundation, but always push ourselves to find new ways of approaching concepts, methodology and execution. Our goal is always to create something new – something both meaningful and wonderful.

We are

Since 2009, ELL has crafted stories and experiences for some of the world’s largest brands, along with a handful of really cool upstarts. From print to film to everything in between, we pride ourselves in translating business objectives into consumable content that informs and entertains.

What is an ELL?

In architectural terms, an “ell” is an extension to a structure. Creatively speaking, we serve as a creative extension to all of our clients’ operations.


Most importantly, we understand that trust is not built overnight — it is our job to gain trust by:

  • Keeping our clients’ brands consistent, relevant and evolving
  • Maximizing creative quality and production value
  • Knowing our clients’ brands inside and out and minimizing ramp-up times and review cycles
  • Integrating experienced, creative minds to serve business objectives in a thoughtful and strategic way
  • Staying true to our word in meeting deadlines and staying within budgets
  • Being a blast to work with and creating the best work possible for any client we serve


We are not everything to everyone.

We are a creative strategy agency that keeps our focusnarrow and strong –

dedicated solely to creative storytelling.

  • Creative strategy consulting
  • Campaign development
  • Brand development and stewardship
  • Full-cycle creative services
  • Concepting
  • Copywriting
  • ELL Films ® Pre-production to Post Services
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Digital/Web Design and Development
  • Brand Elemental Design
  • Print Production and Design